Where Druidry begins

I’d like to point you at a small film on youtube it’s the first ‘Calm’ film in this list, which for reasons I cannot fathom, I can’t get a url for.

It’s a beautiful video. If you can’t watch, the audio is still well worth your time, and apologies to anyone whose internet does not allow. The urge towards peace and stillness is a big part of what brings many of us to Druidry. Awareness of the enormity of nature can help us not be overwhelmed by the frantic elements of our own lives.

What this film misses, is the way in which our collective anxiety and panic is not essential. It need not be like this. We’re forced to run ever faster, haunted by economic pressures in a system that demands we do more for less, and pay more for less, as though this could continue forever. But why? Because fear makes us willing to seek comfort in consumption. Panicked running means we have no time to stop and think. That in turn means we don’t question, and we don’t resist. Like the eternal child, I keep asking, but why? Why is this happening?

Because greed is a sickness. Greed to own more than can possibly be used. It’s sane and reasonable to want sufficiency. It’s fine to want a bit more, a bit of a safety net, a rainy day fund, but a small percentage of humans accumulate as an obsession. It gives them the power to influence the rest of us, and they do so in ways designed to keep us building their piles of gold. It is madness. It is unsustainable, illogical, destructive madness and we are all paying for the money-sick in our culture.

It is very hard to step away from this, to unpick the many sticky threads trapping you in this system. Odds are, you won’t. But the call to calm, to quiet, to wide open places and perspective helps. Druidry is the call to reason, sanity, hope and healing. With calm, we can see through the lies of growth and progress every time we get caught up in them again.

I firmly believe that we still have time to change things, that we are not inevitably doomed as a species by the madness we have created. The more of us are able to find some calm space, wake from the nightmare and get modern life into a healthy perspective, the better a chance we have.

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8 responses to “Where Druidry begins

  • contemplativeinquiry

    Yes. Entering stillness – both for its own sake and because stillness is the midwife for saner action, in the true sense of sanity as health-supporting.

  • Lucius

    – Here is the direct URL for those who want it or need help finding it.

  • Christopher Blackwell

    I often describe y lifestyle as third world sets high tech. Though now my tech is not cutting edge probably not quite up to date. But basicly I started with a 20 my 40 foot adobe shed with two doors and one set of windows on one wall. This is mostly shop and then I have a wall area for my bed and bar size refrigerator and a small bathroom where both my sink and my microwave oven sits. I do have stucco on the outside but inside it is bare adobe walls and a bare ad cracked concrete slab floor. Very basic as I described third world. I do have a propane heater and two widow air conditioners as this is the desert.

    Now on the tech side I have 96 solar panels that take care of all of my electricity most of the year. It only took electric bills, of $200 to $300 a month, a decade ago to convince me. Then I have one old computer my new computer ad a satellite dish as the local phone system is not dependable. Almost all the furniture is are made of such things as angle iron meal mesh or plywood and concrete block. I have two internal walls that are only concrete block stacked up and one book case of wood shelves and concrete block. That is pretty much home and shop. In the last eight years I have added two more wood framed metal covered sheds with insulation sheet rock inside.

    That is it. I would imagine that most Americans would go into shock at living this way. But I own it out right, never had a bank loan or a mortgage. I feel pretty secure and at peace not having to worry over those things. All the sheds will out last me. My main shed has stood up to a 115 MPH gust of wind with no more than the roof creaking a bit.

    I no longer have holiday stress as I no longer do any holiday shopping. Peace is possible if you want it.. The insanity you don’t have to take part in.

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