Moon in Taurus

I tend to be sceptical about astrology. Actually, if we’re going to be fair I tend to be sceptical about everything, with the notable exceptions of Ronald Hutton and caffeine. The idea that my life was in any way pre-destined does not sit well with me.  I don’t accept the idea of a mechanical universe rolling out its ore-ordained events. It’s entirely possible that’s what we’ve got, but I prefer the idea of free will, and obviously if it is a mechanical universe I don’t have much choice about having gone down the wrong route here…

I had a tough weekend. Sunday into Monday, the weight of the world on my shoulders was especially keen. Yesterday’s blog post was full of despair. A few comments here and on facebook made it clear it wasn’t just me. Not all of those comments were in response to the blog, either. Then, to my surprise I spotted a status update from a friend: “waiting for the Moon to move out of Scorpio into Sagittarius 6pm tonight….can’t wait….too intense, not everything is “Life and Death’.” Curious.

Sometimes it does feel like there’s something in the air. Sometimes there does seem to be a distinct vibe, that catches a lot of people all at once. There are moments in history when a lot of people suddenly get moving and it’s hard to talk about that without resorting to the language of tides.

I don’t want the shape of my self to have been dictated by the position of astral bodies at the moment of my birth. And yet I am willing to accept the idea that I might have a fundamental self, an intrinsic nature that I did not create solely through my own choices. Stopping to look at that I realise it doesn’t quite add up. I’d be ok with an underlying nature shaped by my biology. Biological inevitabilities seem tolerable to me. I do not entirely like the idea of being a product of my environment, not least because I’ve seen plenty of people transcend their origins, and others fail to fly despite being launched well, so I don’t think that’s it. The idea that I might have an enduring soul that has its own character seems fine, so long as I don’t get into where any of that comes from.

Is it any more irrational to assume my identity was made by the stars, rather than some other agent? Which brings me round to Moon in Taurus. There was a ritual at Druid camp, where people were encouraged to find out where their moon is. I didn’t do the ritual, but I did check the sign. It fits me uncannily well, and my bloke is the same.

The trouble with the stars is that they’re out there all the time, going through their complex dance moves with the planets. That means if there is an influence, its constant, and that seems a bit much most days. Part of me occasionally thinks that if there is a flow, we must be touched by it. Part of me would like to be largely responsible for the mistakes and successes of my life. I’ll mention now that I’m a Gemini, and we’ll see what floats back…

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7 responses to “Moon in Taurus

  • FreshlyBaked Art

    One thing that I think a lot of people mistake about astrology is the whole “concreteness” of it, when it is anything but. The general idea is that when and where you were born reveal certain potentialities that you can obtain, and that is up to the person to fulfill them or not. Astrology can point out things, but it can’t make them happen. Besides, you have Sun signs, Moon signs, ascendants and such that all affect the actual birth chart.

    I’d say it is a bunch of hooey if my birth chart wasn’t so accurate. Same thing for my numerology report. Scarily accurate. Of course it all could just be generalities that apply to anybody…

  • angharadlois

    I find astrology interesting, but view it more as a kind of multi-faceted mirror. Taken seriously, the level of complexity and detail can be so intricate that we may as well not bother in the first place – except that it is sometimes interesting, or illuminating, and can spark connections and ideas and realisations that might otherwise have lain dormant. Same with most things, really; you don’t have to “believe” it to find it useful.

    • angharadlois

      There is also a lot to be said for many people experiencing the same sorts of feelings at the same time – though there are many possible explanations. The moon undoubtedly affects us, as does the weather; it is not such a huge stretch to imagine that the varying orbits of the planets might, as well. But, then again, we all affect each other – even more so, now, thanks to the internet.

  • Éilis Niamh

    To me, astrology is a collective form of poetry, a language in which you find a mirror to the deepest truths you already know. The language speaks of things outside you. But each word points to a truth within you.

  • Aurora J Stone

    I agree that the intricacies of astrology make it difficult to work with, but at the same time I know that there are energies out there and since we travel through them and they us, then it seems plausible that some effect is likely. Although not astrological, I know that when I had the privilege of standing under the Aurora Borealis and my energies could dance with the Merry Dancers when living on one of the outer Orcadian islands I experienced something invigorating and sublime. It’s not such a huge leap to think that something is going one when I can greet the return of Orion, and ponder on the influences of other celestial bodies and constellations.

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