Book Review – When a Pagan Prays, by Nimue Brown

Nimue Brown:

Today I would like to share with you Joanna van der Hoeven’s reflections on my latest book: When a Pagan Prays.

Originally posted on Down the Forest Path:

Cover art copyright Tom Brown Cover art copyright Tom Brown

 Prayer – formulating into coherent words or actions in the manner of prayer can make such a huge difference to our otherwise scattered thoughts, whether we speak them aloud to deity, spirits, ancestors or whatever we feel we would like to connect with that might be listening. This solidifying of thoughts, queries, petitions or thanksgiving is what makes prayer so beneficial. No longer ethereal or mysterious floaty thoughts, as humans who use language and gestures we define ourselves through prayer, if we so choose. The subject of the ethics of prayer brings to the fore that which humanity so often fails at – looking outside ourselves at the bigger picture. When graced by human consciousness, we should all be looking to live with compassion with all beings. Sadly the ethics of prayer can be abused by the simple fallibility of humanity.

Brown forthrightly explores prayer…

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