Druidic surprise!

Today I’d like to try and make the case for why learning how to be almost perpetually surprised is an excellent Druidic virtue to cultivate.

We all get complacent about things, and the smaller and more familiar something is, the easier it can be to become complacent. Our most immediate environment and the people we spend most time with may be most vulnerable to this. These are in practice the things that matter most, which is why we get stories like the Wizard of Oz trying to remind us to treasure what’s on our own doorstep.

There are wonders everywhere. It is all too easy to imagine that magic, sacredness, wonder and delight happen some other place, and aren’t generally available. Nature is also too easily perceived as being out there somewhere you are not. All four elements are present in your kitchen. They are also present in your own body. Nature will sneak into your carpet, and is most assuredly right outside your door.

Even the most familiar views are subject to constant change. The exact way the light falls can entirely re-create a scene. Most of my view as I type this, is of a tree. I’ve watched its leaves fatten and unfurl. It has flowered, and now it’s underway with seed cases. Come the autumn there will be colours, then bare branches. Birds visit it, squirrels cavort in it and no two day are quite the same.

Being willing to be surprised opens us to the small beauties around us and gives us more to appreciate. Tiny jewels of insects in the grass. The scent of rain. The shape of a cloud. Stopping to really look at the people we spend most time with, to notice and appreciate them rather than taking them for granted opens the heart, pouring life into relationships. Take anything for granted and you will lose some of its magic.

So, I invite you to try a thing… Go forth today with wide eyed expectation. Step out as though you were walking into a fantasy world, into a mythic landscape or a heroic story. Be as attentive as you would be if you thought there could be faeries amongst the trees and the possibility of glimpsing unicorns. Be as open, and as willing to love what you see as if you had entered the most magical, mystical of ancient Pagan landscapes.

Because you have.

It’s all still out there, one way or another.

About Nimue Brown

Druid, author, dreamer, folk enthusiast, parent, wife to the most amazing artist -Tom Brown. Drinker of coffee, maker of puddings. Exploring life as a Pagan, seeking good and meaningful ways to be, struggling with mental health issues and worried about many things. View all posts by Nimue Brown

6 responses to “Druidic surprise!

  • Mary

    I read this with the biggest smile on my face, I couldn’t agree with you more. Being fully present & open to the wonders around me remind me that the world I live in is anything but mundane. After a long & stressful day at work I arrived home overtired & sluggish, stepped outside to gather in a load of wet washing & was filled with the wild energy of the wind & rain, the scent & energies of the plants in my garden, sounds of swifts overhead. Mirth rising & laughing out loud I practically danced round greeting the plants not giving a hoot what the neighbours may have thought & then paused to honour the spirit of the garden.
    It is still out there, it’s all around us

  • greycatsidhe

    Watching my baby interact with the world has really injected a new sense of wonder into me!

  • Chris Hurst

    That’s lovely! I do that …. in the last few days I’ve discovered sedge warblers and big skies full of sunsets that go on for hours.

  • Aurora J Stone

    In the last year I’ve awakened to living in this way to letting go and allowing then enabling myself to experience life in this way . . . for me especially the out of doors. It has been, and every day continues to be a revelation!

    You are absolutely right, we all too often and too easily take what is most precious for granted and fail to see with wonder and delight that which is most special/valued/important to us because it is always there and we, quite wrongly, assume always will be.

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