Everyday Druidry

How might we make Druidry more of our daily lives? Do we need to insert more periods of meditation into the day? Does prayer need wrapping around the day’s activities, bringing sacredness to everything we do? Should we be looking for the service in all things? The opportunities to be more innately useful to our land, tribe and gods? How about bringing more beauty into the world by approaching every mundane daily task with grace, style, inspiration and a sense of wonder about the sheer amazingness of being alive and being able to launder the wondrous ancestral creation that is underwear…

Every word we say can be a prayer, an expression of our bardic creativity, a manifestation of integrity. That’s a hard thing to pull off, especially when you’re ill, struggling, tired, stressed, surrounded by idiots and otherwise not feeling much love and awen. There’s nothing like suspecting you ought to be feeling more love and awen to quietly build a sense of frustration and resentment. Other Druids are no doubt doing their dusting from a place of insightful enlightenment, and pick up what few groceries they do not grow themselves in a state of mindful calm that is at peace with other people’s screaming children and untroubled by long queues and the BO of strangers. You know who I mean, the *other* druids who have it all figured out. The ones we haven’t met.

It took me some hours of wakefulness to get this blog post started. Today I am tired. I don’t feel like being inspired or making beauty. My body is sore. It may be sunny but communing with nature takes effort, and I am woefully short of energy. Service – well, I’m writing stuff for people, I’ll try to be useful, but I feel a strong desire to be bloody selfish and lazy today. I’d like to sit somewhere warm and do very little. There are, if I am honest, more days when I feel like this than when I feel like gracefully dancing with the awen through everything I do. There are more days of wanting to be a grumpy hermit than there are times of wanting to get out there and experience the different songs of life, harmonising in all their… that stuff… you know… enthusiastic, poetic things animists say.

If I’m honouring nature, then I also need to honour that as it manifests in me. Today, my animal body is tired and sore. Doing anything is an effort. My concentration is shot, finding words for stuff is like… umm… trudging. Through something that does not lend itself to being trudged through. While carrying a heavy thing and wearing stupid shoes. This is not a day for grace and beauty, or for singing the songs of my ancestors and embodying the animist poetry of existence.

This is what I’ve got. I’ll push to do whatever must be done, and to assuage my tendency to feel guilty on the not productive days. Because I’m not made of clever, I have no idea what the answer is to how we do our Druidry on the days of feeling like a pile of poo. If you have insights and are moved to share, do pile in to the comments section.


About Nimue Brown

Druid, author, dreamer, folk enthusiast, parent, wife to the most amazing artist -Tom Brown. Drinker of coffee, maker of puddings. Exploring life as a Pagan, seeking good and meaningful ways to be, struggling with mental health issues and worried about many things. View all posts by Nimue Brown

17 responses to “Everyday Druidry

  • joannavanderhoeven

    On those days of poo, I allow myself the time to rest – inspired by the cyclical nature of all things. There’s nothing wrong is curling up on the sofa and spending a morning watching old episodes of Dharma and Gregg, if that is what you need. Equally, there is nothing wrong with dancing the awen outside in the sun, or having a long hot bath and telling the world to back off for a while.

    Not everything in this world is productive all the time. Trees are my greatest inspiration. They too take the time out to recoup, regenerate – there’s nothing wrong with slowing down. My cats are another inspiration – every day they tell me, while sleeping in a sunbeam just how good it is, and how you to should take some time to do nothing in the warm, warm bliss… x

  • Raven

    You can get so much inspiration from watching animals. I watched some ducks with their families swimming in a pool yesterday. They were chatting amongst themselves and enjoying the sunshine just paddling around.

  • Bish

    Sometimes we are butterfly… All shiny and flitting and wonderful… Colourful flower fairies. Sometimes we are caterpillar… Long and sinuous and chomping madly on the green stuff… And being bird food. But for the longest time we are simply cocoon… Harbouring promise, waiting quietly, still on the outside but madly, gloriously, improbably, transforming ourselves from within… Be cocoon for a while.

  • Alison Clayton-Smith

    Very relevant for me right now as I’m trying to handle final stages before exchange of house move, deal with a blocked sink (thankfully fixed today) and the Fibromyalgia flare I’ve been in for over a fortnight. My spiritual practice is both helping to keep me sane, trying to calm my nervous system, and at the same time has gone very patchy. Self-care is most important right now.

  • hotch60

    There was a decade or so after my official diagnoses where I pushed myself beyond what my body wanted because of teenagers and a now ex ( who was ill equipped to be a dad). I still had to be Supermom, Wonder Woman, and bestie to my teens and their growing pains against the monster man at home. I’m paying dearly now, for Not recognizing (due sheer brain fog and numbing exhaustion) my body’s signals to “be like ancestral ancestors” – the ones I am quite positive did not pursue wooly mammoths 24/7. For not taking the daily rests that my grandmother took in her delicate ways. Dust will be dust , today and tomorrow. Meals don’t have to be fancy to be healthy. And sitting in the sun with our child, Is communing with nature and Is healthy. We absorb Vit D which we are deficient in. We listen to the birds, the song of the trees, the sighing of the grasses, even the sounds of other lives about us. Some of us need more “downtime” than others. And I realize that as rested as I can get when alone, gives me that much more energy to share with my daughter and granddaughter. Because they need my calming, peaceful, serene presence (she said so, not me!) my grand is 2 late this summer and is quite a strong personality with a deep shyness around those she is not attached to. So take a sit in the sun and do the minimums today so you have lighter boots for tomorrow 🙂

  • angharadlois

    Accepting your body’s need for rest *is* dancing with the awen, at least as I see it – pushing on, to conform to some ideal of what a druid ought to be, is not a dance; it’s a marathon! And you are offering service to your whole community here by being honest, and thus helping to create a culture in which taking time to rest and listen to your body is a valuable thing to do.

  • potiapitchford

    I have had to learn that I can not be of service to others and in particular my children if I do not first take care of myself. It’s not an easy lesson to absorb and there are still times when I feel I should do more, be more, serve more. I would never ask that of others though so why should I ask it of myself? Take care of yourself first and do not feel selfish doing so because otherwise you will not be able to serve in what ever way you are called to without burning yourself out. If you burn out then you are highly unlikely to be able to serve at all. If you rest when you need to you can pick up the threads again and continue to weave your story and your service.

  • flameinthesnow

    This sounds like everyday spirituality in any tradition, and the reason mantras were created.

    I cling to beautiful thoughts, scraps of music, art, poems I’ve just read, in between the “trudging” of work–and sudden naps. Naps are holy. Breathing is holy. Rays of light are holy. Watching cats nap is holy. 🙂

  • Argenta

    When I can’t remember all the wonderful things people have already said, I write. I just write, until I remember, or put myself to sleep. (The Russian fairy tales often say, Morning is wiser than evening 🙂 )

  • Christopher Blackwell

    Everything in nature operates in ebb and flow that includes us humans. When we are in flow then the idea is do as much as we can, grow and develop. When we are in ebb, it is instead hold on lose as little as possible.

    Sometimes that may be the stop between ebb and flow. I have days when I get next to nothing done. Sometimes if you can’t do one thing do another and that can include goof off and take a break.

    But the strategy is different in ebb then it is in flow. Try to push in Ebb and all you end up is frustrated. Relax while in Flow and you will have to wait again until the next flow. But the cycle begins again regardless.

    Now I best get back to work. I have an impossibly long article that needs some cuts t tighten it up and I am hoping to get it done today and tehe my bank blaces to check. Just as soon as the tea water in the microwave is done. [Grin]

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