Human Sacrifices

Dear George Osborn,

I heard you talking yesterday, in your Autumn Statement as Chancellor of the Exchequer. You mentioned the ‘sacrifices’ of the British people. I’d like to take a small, semantic issue with this, but it has considerable implications, so bear with me.

When people ‘make sacrifices’ as a voluntary act of love or devotion, that’s one thing. However, what’s been happening in the UK over the last few years has not been people voluntarily putting themselves through hell for the good of the economy. You did this to us. People have not made sacrifices. People have been sacrificed. I was surprised you were brave enough to even use this word, it was remarkably honest of you, because your government’s policies are killing people, and at this rate are going to kill more people before we’re done.

This report from the 3rd December, in the British Medical Journal, suggests Britain is on the edge of a health crisis caused by malnutrition. There’s every reason to think that malnutrition is in turn caused by poverty (given the rise in foodbanks) but your government has yet to publish its look into the subject. We’ve also got a lot of fuel poverty in the UK, Mr Osborn. Add together a cold winter, and poor diet, and there will be people who die as a direct consequence. Many of them will be elderly.

The Daily Mail has reported that poor people are killing themselves as a direct consequence of government actions and ‘austerity’. There have been a few explicit suicide notes on that topic, from people pushed over the edge. How do you sleep at night, Mr Osborn, knowing that your choices have led people to kill themselves? And then there are the sick, vulnerable and disabled people bullied by ATOS, too many of whom have already died in abject poverty because their benefits were cut. As more than 60% of appeals against ATOS are won, it’s clear we have an unfair, unjust system here. No terminally ill person should die in abject poverty, abandoned by the state.

People are dying, Mr Osborn. Vulnerable, elderly, ill, disabled people with no options are being made more sick with anxiety by your cuts. Do take a moment to read up on the impact of severe stress on the human body, and the impact of malnutrition, and unheated homes. Hospitals are seeing more people with hunger related illness (that’s doubled since 2009, are you proud?) and those freezing through the winter are going to get ill, too. But then, someone in your party (Owen Lister, Tory councillor) recommended guillotining disabled children. Some of us wonder if your aim really is to kill off the vulnerable. Is this malice, or incompetence at work?

There are frequently no jobs available for people who want to work, and yet your government blames the jobless and penalises them with draconian systems. Are you aware, Mr Osborn, that it is entirely possible to cause mental illness in people by putting them continually in impossible situations? I doubt we will ever know how many people have become sick with anxiety and depression as a direct consequence of your policies.

Human sacrifices, Mr Osborn. Human lives brought to an end in the name of the Gods of GDP. We frown on ancient peoples who sacrificed people, and animals to their Gods. I ask, how are you any different? The bodies of badgers, and the rising number of the dead stand as witnesses against the government you contribute to. Stop sacrificing people for the sake of the economy. An economy exists to serve and facilitate the people it belongs to, not the other way round!


Sincerely etc.

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7 responses to “Human Sacrifices

  • bish

    Wonderful. And terrible. Should be posted on every forum.

  • syrbal-labrys

    I have often decried The sacrifice of US military forces by a government that seems dedicated only to corporate interests in America. It does seem to be more the rule than the exception that governments sacrifice their own citizens for the needs of the few.

  • verdant1

    I hope you sent it to him directly – very good points and so painful to realise…

  • Helen

    Very well put, and I do think it is painful as there is nothing we can do about this until we vote them out and another bunch of liers take their toll on us too.

    I heard on a radio programme that 90,000 people mainly elderly died last year in the cold/winter. How many died in the terrible floods and the disaster in the factories in Pakistan. Yet we sent millions of pounds to them but there is no money to help our sick and elderly, i just don’t understand I suppose it’s all politics

  • literaryvittles

    This is a disturbing trend I have seen played out in the US as well… Blaming people for the predicaments that trap them and ignoring anything that might be described as empathy

  • Metalgaia

    Great post! People say that the disturbing practice of human sacrifice doesn’t exist anymore, but we see it around the world in all corners of life. People sacrificed in meaningless wars, people sacrificed so that the rich can live the good life, people dying from easily preventable diseases and hunger, or even the people sent to jail for stupid reasons. This isn’t quite killing them, but it is taking away their life for no good reason.

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