Back to the real world

I’ve just spent days in a field, mostly barefoot, which in and of itself is an unusual experience. I went from Wednesday lunchtime to Saturday night without wearing shoes at all, and it affected my consciousness of the world to such a degree that I’m now finding shoes a problem. I feel disconnected when I put them on.

I’ve spent recent days in the company of gorgeous, creative, inspiring and unconventional people, doing all manner of wild and fabulous things. I have proper reviews to write, but shall give myself a day or two of digesting time first. Now I am back in a flat that suddenly seems very quiet and I miss the sense of being held and surrounded by a community of kindred spirits. And such kindred spirits! A significant number of my very favourite people, all gathered together.

I’ve not used my phone, my computer, or the internet until this evening, when I’ve needed to play catch up. This has enabled me to really slow down and chill out, which has done body and mind considerable good. I’ve danced and sung. I’ve also played. Music shared with brilliant musicians is such a joy, and there should be more of that to come, and it feels very good.

I’ve faced fears head on, and some of them melted away, which was a lovely thing, and some are smaller. I’ve faced challenges, and enjoyed recognition. I return to the computer feeling stronger and clearer in myself, more certain of what needs doing and of how to do it, and starting to put the pieces together.

There’s been enough experience in the last few days to keep me in blog material for months to come. That alone says something. Real world Druidry, with people all in the same place, is powerful stuff. I come to the internet to share, and to learn from others. This is an awesome way of moving inspiration and ideas about. I love the intellectual aspect of the internet, and appreciate the way in which it feeds my mind. Emotionally, it’s a bit sterile, especially compared to people in a space. Voices. Touch. Shared food. Being able to look at the same things.

I need to rebalance my life so that more of it happens offline, and that rather than coming to the internet to seek nourishment, I want to be coming with more inspiration I have found out here in the real world. Druidry with people. I like it a lot.

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5 responses to “Back to the real world

  • Jove

    That’s lovely! I think anything that brings us back to the essential aliveness of the moment, like grass on our toes, is the real grounding we need.

  • Andrew Smith

    Glad you had such a magical time, Nimue. It’s now been many, many years since I last attended a Druid camp – they were among the best times of my life. Thank you for writing about your experience – it brought back very fond memories /|\

  • Chantelle

    I’ve come back feeling the same way about connecting with my pagan friends in person rather than mostly online. There’s something about sharing the wild beauty of the world in the company of others who can feel its energy wending around and through them that it so very important.

    It was wonderful to spend time with you, my lovely. I’m determined that it won’t be too long before I see you and your fabulous family again *big hugs*.

  • bish

    I’m likewise sat here ticking through emails and putting stuff away, wishing rather hard that I could have a few more days – just a few more… – on a hill by a river with the most wonderful and inspirational company of friends I’ve shared this last near week.

    Folk I knew vaguely I now know more strongly. Folk I knew well, I know ever more so. Folk I’ve just met, already linking in…

    My feet too have needed a damned good pumicing to get rid of the callouses that won’t fit into shoes… and I have ideas sifting through my mind for wibble words in bloggy places, perhaps not as erudite as yours but still… 😉

  • dunstans

    inspiring stuff! thanks as ever for sharing.. you’ve reminded me I must get to next years camp.. spending quality time with like minded folk and in the beauty of nature, what could be better!

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