Imagining the ancestors

Some of you may have read Druidry and the Ancestors. For those of you who haven’t… it’s not a history book, but a contemplation of the stories we tell about history. The narrative shapes we wrap around the past can tell us a lot about ourselves, and other people’s stories reveal a lot about cultures and assumptions too.
For many Pagans, the idea of ancestry can be uncomfortable. Many of us have rejected the religions of our most recent ancestors, and struggle with the people we are most closely related to.

Those of us who do not fit too well in the here and now may hark back to an imagined Pagan past in which we had a proper role as village wise woman, druid elder, cunning man, or however we self-identify. We may picture a culture in which our way of being would have made sense to those around us, and been supported.
We imagine the past. The stories we create around the ancestors we hope we had, help us work out how we want the world to be. History is all about the future. However, not all of our ancestral stories are consciously chosen, some come to us subliminally via our cultures and families. Not all stories are right, and not all are useful – wrong and useful may be a lot better than an unhelpful story with a factual basis.

If you happen to be in the north of England, I should like to invite you to an event. “Imaginary Ancestors” 9 August at 19:00, The Grand Hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire!/events/1388873817996797/
It says ‘talk’ but it’s going to be a mash up of assorted things. I’m going to ask people to think deeply about the imagined ancestors. There are no wrong answers here, only the truths that we carry with us, and the implications our personal truths have for how we live our own lives. If you don’t have a sense of distant pagan ancestry to root you, that’s not going to be a problem. Maybe I can help you build that thought form. If you’re just curious, that’s fine too. I’m not terribly despotic about this sort of thing!

If you aren’t in viable striking distance for Scarborough but are thinking this sounds like a good idea, feel free to get in touch. This event is happening because local-to-Scarborough pagan Debora undertook to set it up. I am travelling in the UK, I am willing to do moots, workshops, conferences, camps and other events, and any topic that pertains to the books or you’ve seen me cover on this blog is fair game. If there’s something you’d like me to tackle, ask. I’m more than happy to have a go at requests. I’ll give priority to events that are closer to home, able to help with transport or accommodation costs, (putting me up is one solution) and that fit in with the rest of my life, but my preferred answer is to say yes as much as I can.

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