Druidry at the end of history part 3

Part 1 is here https://druidlife.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/druidry-end-of-history-part-1

and this is part 2


The apparent obliviousness of the majority is one of the things that drives me crazy about people. Look at us, the way we consume and destroy, the rampant expansion of our species. We’re like a cancer, and less use than wasps. What we clearly need is a ice, big apocalypse to clear the air. Then, when we’ve torn everything down there will be room to rebuild, better. We can get it right, there will be utopia. I’m prepared to bet it’s a fantasy most people entertain now and then. Of course that one big apocalypse won’t affect me, or you. The people destined to die will all be somewhere else, somewhere I don’t care about full of people I never met. A tidy apocalypse that selectively takes out things and people I don’t like, leaving only the good stuff. We are, of course, intrinsic to the good stuff.

It’s probably quite natural to want all the bad stuff to disappear, it would be an easy solution. I think we all know that the fantasy of a lovely apocalypse, is at best, totally bonkers. It’s impossible. A real, full blown apocalypse would be awful, and we know that. For too many people though, it is the plan. People whose response to history is to want to end it. These are not people whose ears I am going to get to bend. But even so, we do need to challenge nice big apocalypse theory, because it’s lazy.

The world is people. Society is people. The human future is going to be people. We’re not going to get a magically clean slate to work with, there is no re-boot reality button. Imagining what we would do if only it were made very, very easy, it a waste of time. The only way to make a future, is by starting from here, with what we have, and knowing that we can start here and get to somewhere. We don’t need epic scale drama to jump start us, but realistic visions of things we can achieve and the will to make a start. Evolution ore than revolution, building not destroying.  Knowing where we’ve come from and where we want to go.  Knowing, we will be better placed to make changes. If that all sounds like a huge and daunting task, well, it is. But it’s not impossible.

You’ll notice I’ve been talking about process, not aims. I believe that if you really understand who you are and where you’ve come from, you can make better choices. People not thinking enough is the root of most if not all problems. So I preach a doctrine of thinking about stuff. If we thought more, we’d at least make new and interesting mistakes. You don’t need a nice big apocalypse for that, just a lot of people thinking about what, and how and why, ad what if?

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3 responses to “Druidry at the end of history part 3

  • Elizabeth Rimmer

    Yes. Great stuff Nimue!

  • Iodhan Silverbear

    I waited until now to comment. This is well thought out and I would loved to have been present for the execution but alas our student exchange is still in the planning stages…LOL.

    Seriously though, for a long time I was a zombie apocalypse guy. I still am but more in a “I like the movies” kind of way. Nowadays, all I have to do is look around me to see decline and to know that we, as a global population, cannot hope to keep this up forever. There will be more wars no matter who is left. There will be no utopia after any kind of apocalypse. We would need a shift in global consciousness and unlimited resources so that greed could not be a factor in human social development. It may sound pessimistic but these are things that will never happen, especially the latter. Unless the alien apocalypse comes. If we can get some alien technology, we could travel to another planet and get some resources there. I consider that scenario a bit more likely than utopia though. As pessimistic as it may sound, “The struggle is the glory” they say. For my own part, I will keep trying to promote people being decent to each other, loving one another and an end to violent struggle where it is unneeded. I will just try not to be disappointed by my results.

  • harold

    I always imagined a neat fun apocalypce .
    Everyone would be sorry they did not heed my warning . There would be a divine prophet who would make everything clear. but these are very christian ideas . For someone on this world it is thier ragnorok for another it is genesis . Life is a circle …history an imaginary friend . Ragnorok will happen soon enough but if we blink we might miss it

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