Druid con soon!

Next Saturday is the Druid Network’s convention, in Birmingham, (UK) about which there will be plenty of info at www.druidnetwork.org

While I’ve done all manner of events, Pagan and otherwise, this is, weirdly enough, my first airing at a specifically Druidic convention. I shall be talking about Druidry at the end of History – as the theme for the day is Druidry in changing times. It’s a topic that lets me ramble the countryside around Druidry and the Ancestors without just regurgitating bits of it. I’ve no desire to bore me witless, or anyone else and banging away at the same old promotional speak gets tired, fast. So, I shall be talking about the end times, or absence thereof. I will probably put the talk up here in stages the following week – it’s about 45 minutes, which should be about 6000 words, so it may take a while to do it in small bite sizes.

This event is going to be personally significant for me in a number of ways. Last time I was at the Bilberry Hill centre in the Lickeys was for a Druid Network AGM, before I was married to Tom, back when I had an entirely different name and a different life. There are people I’ve not seen since then, and between that and the place – so close to where Bards of the Lost Forest used to meet for rituals, it could be quite emotional. There are also people I only currently know online who I should get to meet for the first time – Cat Tredwell and Paul Newman especially.

This will be the first outing for copies of Druidry and the Ancestors, and the first time I’ve taken a big pile of books to a big Pagan event (Pooka’s Pageant was not, in terms of numbers, vast). It also looks very much like we’ll have copies of Hopeless Maine volume 1 for that weekend, so will be in the rather odd position of launching a gothic/Steampunk graphic novel at a Druid gathering. But, there is overlap, after all…

For anyone who is going, we will be easy to find. I gather I’m the first speaker of the day – so please do show up nice and early so that I’m not just talking to Bish! And otherwise we’ll be at our table, we may have a banner, and if not that, the books and the spoons should be a dead giveaway.

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4 responses to “Druid con soon!

  • lornasmithers

    Nimue, could you say a bit more about the Bards of the Lost Forest- I’m intrigued. I’m running a poetry workshop which I’m going to try to run as a communion with / offering to / celebration of the spirit of the place. Something related to the Bards of the Lost Forest would be great to include if I knew who they were!

  • Jennifer Tavernier

    congrats Nimue! How much fun and (some re-)adventure is that? How I wish I was over there. LOL! May it be totally amazingly wonderful, with great surprises.

  • lornasmithers

    Hi Nimue,
    Please could you contact me through TDN with regard to the above. Thankyou 🙂

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