Managing the energy

It’s all gone mad. My whole life. Not in a bad way, I hasten to add, but this is the kind of crazy rush that ought, in theory to happen at midsummer, and didn’t. This is not normally a ‘rush’ time of year for me. Some years when I’ve been pickling and preserving, it’s been busy, but not like this. Part of it is a direct consequence of my shout out earlier in the week. The response has been amazing – as a consequence I’m writing two or three articles a day plus this blog, trying to meet demand. It’s stunning, humbling, inspiring to find so many people are willing to put something of mine into the world. (And, do keep them coming, I’m holding pace, I will get articles to everyone who asks, and each article will be unique).

I’ve just been asked if I’ll read a book with a view to putting an endorsement on it. This is a first. A gobsmacking, overjoying first. There is no greater validation as a writer, than some other writer liking you and your stuff so much that they want an endorsement. Sales are lovely, fans are lovely, and startling, but this is a whole other level and my head is reeling.

I’m talking to a review site, that I want to work for and that may be interested in me. Things are moving for Tom as well, with all kinds of glorious chaos potential there too.

This morning I wrote a gothic short story, destined for an audio project with some great people. I have a series to write, and the creativity is flowing.

At the moment it feels like hurtling down a slope on a tin tray. It’s all going very fast. I have some semblance of control, but probably not as much as I need. Stopping could be messy…

Many of the creatures I love most are absolutely adept at harnessing the natural environment. Buzzards ride the wind, and I watch them most days, soaring effortlessly, using what is there. It’s so easy to get buffeted about, blown off course, thumped into trees though, for creatures like myself who are not adept at flying. My Druidry of the last few years has been so much about a quest for balance, peace and stability. I’m caught in a tidal wave of awen, a tsunami of potential, and am quite aware that it could crush me. I need to become the sort of creature that can ride the currents, harness the wind.

I know from past experience that the crazier the rush, the harder the crash, but I want this life, and I want the many things that are opening up before me.

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5 responses to “Managing the energy

  • druidcat

    Know what you mean about the time of year as relates to the ‘rush’. I’m getting ready to hibernate, and yet still so much going on… hoping I can ride it, but it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed.

    Truly happy for you both that the creativity is flowing as you move forward, though. Not surprised, mind – you definitely deserve it!! xx

  • Jennifer Tavernier

    With Awen, all things are possible! You are already riding the wind, far above the madding crowd. The only crash would come when you don’t fully realize it, harness the power/freedom an grant some earthly cause as being a more powerful mud-sucker god. (WRONG!) LOL! After all, silly folks aside, there would be no problems unless we, (or someone else) imagined them, (awen), and we bought into it. Hmmm? Soar forth, and ride the winds! Congrats!

  • Jennifer Tavernier

    That read funny! – No prob with the earth, just the trumped up problem-gods of smarmy human complexity.

  • amyegill

    Congrats! I recently started following your blog and enjoy your thought provoking posts. When I read your shout out I spent a lot of time thinking about how I want to make a similar one but need to do a bit more internal preparation. The crash you mention is on my mind because I am aware that I can easily get overwhelmed by taking on too much without the prep work. I’ve seen others crash when they overlook the necessity to take a landing break from the windier successful times. I think that just being aware of it alleviates a lot of problems. All the best!

  • Alex Jones

    I am glad at the harvest you are reaping. Hope this continues.

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