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Plans to erect a giant fibreglass replica of the Rio De Janeiro ‘Redeemer Statue’ on top of London’s posh Primrose Hill have been revealed. The project will be funded by the Brazilian government to mark the end of the London 2012 Olympics and the hand over of the torch to the Rio Olympic committee for the 2016 Games. The installation, is based on the famous statue which overlooks Rio harbour from Corcovado mountain.

For the rest of that article, go to http://www.artlyst.com/articles/residents-up-in-arms-over-primrose-hill-jesus


As yet, no one has mentioned Druids. However, Primrose Hill in London has been an important meeting place for UK Druid groups for pretty much as long as there have been modern Druids. Those early groups would have been more fraternal and probably self-identifying as Christian, so it’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, their contemporary descendents have to say about it.


Having poked about online a bit this morning, I’ve not found any druid feedback, but I have found a lot of people protesting that, surely, Brazil has more important things to spend money on than sticking a statue in London. I have to agree with that. Coming at this as a Druid, the idea of a Christ image at what I personally consider a druid-associated site is at worst, a bit odd and uncomfortable. I don’t live or celebrate there, so my perspective is pretty irrelevant. I would care far more about supporting the wishes of those whose space it is. And mostly they seem perplexed, at present.


It is a lot of money to spend when Brazil has rainforests to protect, illegal logging and drugs crime to deal with, a terrifying murder rate and terrible poverty. Jesus and Druids alike ought to be more interested in sorting that out than spending money on something that no one really seems to want and certainly nobody needs.

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6 responses to “Druid News

  • bish

    As I said when first this hit the news… “it’s not Jesus, it’s Iolo Morganwg!”

    No, as you say it’s slightly bizarre and surreal but it’s not my locality, and so I watch and wonder. London itself always seems surreal and bizarre to me so perhaps it’s all in the game.

  • Tina M.

    It rings a bell (big time) by me, when you comment on the weirdness in having limited sources yet spending like there’s no tomorrow in the name of (any?) religion.
    There will come a time, where this period of human time will be asked for an explanation for this imbalance, and I wonder what will be answered.

  • helgaleena

    Primrose Hill Conservation Area Committee’s Pam White said: “I have no objections if it is temporary and we are looking forward to seeing the designs. The Royal Parks have already desecrated the top of Primrose Hill against our advice.”

    No comment. But use of the term ‘desecration’ by the person above makes it sound druidical, as an objection– if it is an objection at all!

  • J.T. Morgan

    Pam White’s use of the word “desecrated” refers to the PHCAC’s somewhat hysterical objections to the Memorial Plaque to Iolo Morganwg’s first Publick Mid-Summer Ritual in 1792 when it was first installed a couple of years ago. As a Druid who regularly Celebrates Publick Rituals in the Ogdoadal Cycle on Primrose Hill I have left some responses on facebook when asked for my opinion. Personally, I would dislike the installation of this statue, for however short a time the Authorities regard as “Temporary” – bearing in mind that the Millennium Wheel only had “Temporary” Planning Permission when first installed – on the grounds that it is a highly inappropriate position & an inappropriate size. Also, it will damage the fragile top of the Hill which has already had to have new drainage & re-engineered footpaths just put in place over the last year because of an increase in Publick use. It will also obtrude into any view of London’s Northern Horizon from anywhere south of the river.
    In discussions with the Head of the Royal Parks Authority a few years ago I discovered to my amazement that Religious Gatherings of all sorts are banned from the Royal Parks, & have been since the Reign of Charles the 2nd, except for the Practice of Druidry in St.James’s Park, Primrose Hill, & Richmond Deer Park, so we could also object along these lines too.
    So now you have an “official”, altho’ not fully thought-out, Druid response to this news.

  • Tony Taylor

    I had always planned, in the back of my mind, that when I visit England I’d try to visit the Druids who meed at Primrose Hill. Doing so under the gaze of a giant fiberglass Jesus would be very disconcerting. I agree, I don’t have a dog in that race (American colloquialism) , but I’m interested in what the local druids there feel and if they are going to take any action against the project.

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