Daily Devotions

My most excellent friend Ness recently asked on facebook what any of us Druidy folk do in terms of daily devotions. Do we spend specific time on our Druidry, is it an all the time thing, or what? It was a very interesting conversation, and I love that places like facebook can be used for meaningful exchanges. Unshockingly there was a mix of answers.

I think where there is consensus is, that whatever you do, your spiritual path should feature in your daily life. Druidry is not a hobby, just for the holidays, or something to dust off for festivals. The necessity of dealing with non-druids, jobs, food sources, transport etc means that we can’t spend all our time poncing round in robes, hugging trees and thinking deep thoughts. That may be as well. I don’t think Druidry should be an escape from life as everyone else is living it. Not that those things don’t need challenging, but we won’t tackle them purely by absenting ourselves.

What does daily practice for me involve? I thought I’d offer it, and then if others want to share in the comments, that would be excellent and we can pass round some inspiration.

I have two times in the day when I reliably stop. On waking, and before sleep there is quiet time – sometimes as much as an hour. First thing in the morning I contemplate, work out the priorities for the day, compose blogs in my head, clear my head, ground myself, meditate on images from dreams, listen to the dawn chorus. In the evening before sleep I am more likely to be offering prayers, seeking guidance, creating thought forms to carry with me. Mornings are philosophical, evenings are reflective, mostly.

In any given day I will spend time outside, walking, working, cycling. I’m sat outside typing this, as Tom takes our boat along the canal. I look at the sky, listen to birds, spend time with plants. I’ll have some part of my skin on the ground at some point. It’s a very immediate way of communing with nature. I live in nature. It’s my habitat. Even when we’re moored up in the middle of Gloucester, there’s still sky, water, birds, fish, plants. The natural world works round the human constructs and is always there.

The other given for daily practice is the seeking of and working with inspiration. Awen is central to my life because my Druidry is inherently bardic. That can mean reading, observation, listening to music, seeking out the words of people who particularly inspire me. Kicking around an idea with Tom. On the creative side, rare is the day when I don’t write something. Often I will sing, or play music, or dance. I make things – sewing, cooking, tangling stuff together. I’m interested in living more creatively so there’s always elements of looking for that, too.

Service in terms of volunteering, teaching, ritual celebrant work, and other more overt ‘being a Druid’ things happen when they happen. I seek the opportunities for volunteering, but the rest of it finds me. So they seldom feature every day. This last year I’ve had very little formal druidry – not much ritual or working as a celebrant for others. I’ve learned that these aspects do not define my sense of self as Druid, but that I like and currently miss them, so I’ll be working to remedy that. The obvious displays of druidness can be very affirming, but they aren’t part of regular life. I don’t do ritual on my own, in any recognisable way, nor do I want to. It’s the quieter stuff that calls most strongly, the way in which I can colour every aspect of my daily life with my beliefs. How I speak, how I act, what I choose to do. That might stand exploring in more detail.

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Druid, author, dreamer, folk enthusiast, parent, wife to the most amazing artist -Tom Brown. Drinker of coffee, maker of puddings. Exploring life as a Pagan, seeking good and meaningful ways to be, struggling with mental health issues and worried about many things. View all posts by Nimue Brown

4 responses to “Daily Devotions

  • Knitterstone Clee

    live each day, with your path in mind. that is “doing Druidry” noticing the changing leaves, the new flowers, the ripening berries, the birds, the bees, the whispers of wind, the clouds, and the sunlight. The moon and stars, the song in your voice, the pleasure of living.
    the solemnity of life, the passing of wildlife surrendered to transport, wish them well on their new journey. seeing. feeling, believing.
    gosh, i could go on for hours, but I’d miss the outside!

    • Nimue Brown

      I have a netbook and a rambling internet access, I get to do both… writing this from a grassy bank near water with yarrow and plantain all around me. Techno druid, me, apparently 🙂 Everyone should have an office like this, I think.

  • bish

    If I had to identify one element of my day when I was being mindful of ‘devotion’ I fear it would be the morning pre-shower ‘good morning’ to the ‘verse. That’s practically a daily given, almost dogma, so I’d better reconsider doing it every day, eh? The rest is what happens… and I trust that my ethic and attitude, built on foundations of experiential druidry over a fair few years now, would guide the way I dealt with that. I may fail, sometimes, to exhibit the tangible ‘druid’, but he’s always close behind the error. 🙂

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